What are the benefits of registering for the International Doctoral Student’s Workshop?

Universities normally recognize the attendance of doctoral students to conferences as a training activity and the presentation of papers as a dissemination activity. However, the presentation and discussion of the project (which takes place in the doctoral students' room) is considered a colloquium and networking activity for researchers in training. This activity can be very

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I am registered in the International Doctoral Student’s Workshop and I have been accepted to present my project in poster format, will I have to defend it?

There is no specific time available for the defense of the poster, although the debate and exchange character of the session can (and should) give rise to questions from the attendees, both in the case of oral presentations and posters. However, they will be placed in a suitable location so that those attending the International

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I have registered for the Congress, I am working on my doctoral thesis and I want to present an abstract on my thesis at the Congress, can I submit it?

If your thesis is advanced enough and you have results, you can present your work as an abstract at the Congress and, if accepted, it will be presented as an oral communication or poster depending on its evaluation. In this case you will receive a certificate of attendance and presentation of your paper at the

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I am working on my doctoral thesis and I want to present my thesis project, but I also want to present a research work already done. Do I have to register for the International Conference of Doctoral Students and also for the Congress?

No. You cannot register and/or present your work simultaneously in the International Doctoral Student's Workshop and in the Congress both scientific events take place in the same time. Therefore, you have to decide in which of the two events you are interested in registering.

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Why can’t I register simultaneously for the International Doctoral Student’s Workshop and the Congress?

The International Doctoral Student's Workshop is a concurrent space for discussion and exchange among doctoral students, with the aim of exchanging experiences and the contents of the theses that are presented. You can only register and be a speaker at one of the two events, the International Conference of International Doctoral Student's Workshop or the

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What training itinerary will I be accredited for?

In order to obtain the certificate of attendance to the International Doctoral Students´ Workshop, the following requirements must be fulfilled: Attendance to ALL the plenary sessions of the Congress. Active participation in all the specific sessions for doctoral students. Attendance to at least one of the symposia held during the Congress. There will be a

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